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Hey, just found this, awesome to see my assets being used. I'll have to give this a play here soon!

Hello, long time no see. well done!!! 

Besides, is a very good place to promote your games or softwares.


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Full version available on Steam and Itch now:,

Good game, graphics are very simple but the concept ist nice.

Thank you!

Nice game! It keeps you hooked. I forgot I was playing a game jam game multiple times. Awesome work.

Thank you!

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Post-jam update:

Updated with bigger web canvas for a clearer sight.

Nice work!  Charming.  Did you create the engine as well?

Yup. I made my own Lua programmable engine for my future 2D development after wrestling with almost every possible solution on the market.

This is awesome!



Cute!  I genuinely wanted to craft more things.

Ty! More recipes and enemies is planned.